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Greece: "Going Into Debt"


The debt crisis in Greece wasn't enough to discourage us from traveling to Greece.  If fact, it's an argument to place it on your itinerary.  With such warm, friendly and inviting people, we had a fantastic time discovering the historical richness of Athens, the relaxing ambiance of Crete and the amazing views of Santorini.  No worries, you will feel safe and welcome there.  Many discounts can also be had in a place where cash is king!

Click on the Blog link for more details about our trip to Greece.

About jojojetsets

They say travel is the spice of life.


We are a busy family of four and like many of you, we love to travel.   Slowly we are knocking things off our bucket list as we deal with the many obstacles out there that make traveling difficult.  We place a lot of focus on each itinerary to maximize time limitations and generate a trip that is cost effective without shortchanging ourselves from an exciting and memorable experience.


Our goal is to share with you our travel experiences in detail.   Hopefully we can all exchange ideas to help each other live more fulfilling lives through travel.  Be sure to notice a few of the itineraries listed.  A great deal of the legwork is done if you would like to enjoy a similar experience.  Remember that living life is all about creating memories.   These memories are much sweeter when shared with others.   

We enjoy both traveling in the US and abroad.  Traveling with children makes the travel plan a bit more complicated but we always felt that these experiences really do enrich their lives.

Most trips will include an educational aspect especially for the children. Visiting Georgia O'Keefe's home in Santa Fe or stopping by The Palace of the Minotaur in Crete helps their studies come alive and makes them real.

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